Duke William of Pineland

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Duke William of Pineland
Duke William of Pineland.JPG
Image of the Duke of Pineland
Reign2020 to Present
PredecessorNew Creation
Head of the House of Pineland
Reign2020 to Present
Duke of Pineland
Term2020 to Present
Regnal name
Duke William of Pineland
Noble HouseHouse of Pineland
OccupationDuke of Pineland

Duke William I of Pineland (1957-Present) is the only son of Scottish parents and all of the ancient northwestern European stock. He can claim both royal and noble connections - within his genetic heritage. The Duke manages his lands for conservation and practices sustainable forestry.


Styles of
Duke William of Pineland
Duke William of Pineland Transparent.png
Reference styleHis Grace
Spoken styleYour Grace
Alternative styleMy Lord

Duke William of Pineland was born in 1957, the same year Windscale nuclear power plant accident. He has campaigned in the past against this form of power and the potential risk it could have to all humanity. He has spent his life in the pleasant countryside of Central and Lowland Scotland, a land filled with rich green farmland, idyllic wooded valleys and gently rolling hills. He has carried out the planting of many trees native to Scotland and is an award-winning author through this passion. His other life-long interests are history and genealogy. William of Pineland is honoured to support his kinswoman the Princess Cedrus and her noble project there.

Principality of the Northern Forests

The Principality of the Northern Forests is a permanent social and political experiment. It was founded to have a safe place to live in a semi-medieval manner using as little modern conveniences as possible and to avoid living around all the crime and violence that has festered in the modern republican world. The Principality of the Northern Forests was founded along the lines of the declarative theory of statehood, meaning that if the state exists then it is a sovereign subject of international law.


Titles and Styles

  • 17 May 2020: His Grace The Duke of Pineland

Knighthood Honors


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