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Principality of the Northern Forests
Honourary Consular Corps
Honourary Consular Corps Seal Transparent.png
Seal of the Honourary Consular Corps
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Coat of Arms of the Government of the Principality of the Northern Forests
Agency overview
Formed16 March 2020
JurisdictionPrincipality of the Northern Forests
Minister responsible
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
Parent MinistryMinistry of Foreign Affairs
E-Mail: foreign.affairs@northernforests.info

The Honourary Consular Corps is the Principality of the Northern Forests's primary diplomatic institution. Consular representatives serve the citizens of the Principality and facilitate business, trade, education, cultural and international understanding between the Principality and foreign States. Honourary Consulars are appointed by Princess of the Northern Forests and are servants of the Principality. Honorary Consular officers are vetted by the Princely Family and/or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in accordance with the terms of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.


The duties and responsibilities of Honourary Consulars are set forth in the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. These duties include: protecting the interests of Principality citizens while in foreign States; services on behalf of the Principality; the promotion of trade and commerce between countries; and cultural and educational activities. When official diplomatic events occur in their region, the Consulars may be asked to represent the Principality of the Northern Forests' interests at these events. For this reason, the Consulars must be learned on matters of State. Consulars may also accompany the Minister of Foreign Affairs (with consent) during his official duties and may be delegated other duties by the Minister of Foreign Affairs for their respective areas.

Consulars at all ranks try to promote mutual recognition treaties with other countries that meet the information below. Once an Honourary Consular finds a suitable country that is interested in diplomatic relations, they must pass on that information to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for further consideration. Consulars act as a liaison between the interested country and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Recognition of Other Nations

In order to be recognized by Our government, other Nations need to have taken substantial steps towards real independence and meet the following basic criteria:

  • Their country has a legitimate claim to independence as outline by the United Nations. The Size of the country does not matter;
  • They must have a legal right to all the land they claim in some capacity (e.g. they do not claim land owned by other people or another country);
  • Their government structure has to be a Monarchy. We will not entertain anything less than a Monarchy;
  • They have permanent citizens that live inside the borders of their country.

The Principality of the Northern Forests rejects and is abhorred by people claiming Bir Tawil as their country. The rightful owners are the Ababda tribe which has claimed Bir Tawil as their nomadic territory where they have been for centuries. We will not entertain any claims from any people for this area unless it is directly from the Prince of the Ababda Tribe. We also reject the idea of “sovereign citizens” and do not engage in relations with role-playing entities called “micronations” which are pretend countries that emulate nations/states but have no intention of being an international Sovereign State. We ask that “micronations” please refrain from contacting us unless you meet the criteria listed above.

Addressing Royalty and Nobility in the Principality

Please review the Order of Precedence in the Northern Forests to help aide in how to property address Royalty and Nobility in the Principality of the Northern Forests.


All Honorary Consulars receive a certificate with their diplomatic credentials as well as a metal lapel pin of the Flag of the Northern Forests. They are encouraged to wear the flag pin even when not working on official business as a way of establishing conversations about the Principality of the Northern Forests. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs oversees the activities of the Honourary Consulars.

Consular ID Cards

A consular ID card is a document that the Honourary Consular Corps may issue to identify the Consulars who reside abroad. The Principality of the Northern Forests uses this information to collect census data from their Consulars living abroad and to provide certain protections. Although this document is issued regardless of the immigration status of the applicant, it does not, however, constitute a proof of legal residence and does not substitute for papers that the Principality of the Northern Forests requires from foreign citizens to legally reside in the Principality.

Each cardholder is given a unique identification number that is displayed on the card. In general, these cards also include the cardholder’s photo, address, birthplace and expiration date. Special security features may be added which include holograms, bar-codes and other features. Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find out if they are currently offering consular ID cards.


Consular ID cards have a fee of $25 USD and can take up to 2-4 weeks to receive after you provide the necessary information. You must provide a current passport Size high quality image in .jpeg format on a solid white background. Regular passport photo requirements apply in the same manner as if you were applying for a Passport in your respective country. You can also use your Consular ID as valid ID to enter and visit the Principality without being detained or arrested for illegal entry. You must update your Consular ID Card every four years with a current photograph and any change in information.


With good service and excellence in their work, Honorary Consuls can be promoted to higher diplomatic ranks. The ranks of the Northern Forest's diplomats are, in decreasing order of precedence:

  • Ambassador
  • Consular-General
  • Consular
  • Vice-Consular
  • Honorary Consular

At the Rank of Consular-General, the individual can petition the Princely Family for an honourary Knighthood to help represent the Principality of the Northern Forests and Monarchical Idealism. The Knighthood, if granted, is a for the life of the person and not hereditary. Your Letters Patent will clearly state this. All Ambassadors are, in theory, entitled to petition the Princely Family for an Honourary Title of Nobility. If granted, this will be an Incorporeal Hereditament for the life of the person and also not hereditary.

List of Honorary Consulars

Rank Region Representative
Honourary Consular Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico Sir Michael Holmes, GCNF
Honourary Consular North Carolina, United States Mollie Hoover, Countess of Northbarrow
Honourary Consular Washington, United States Sir John Davis, AK
Honourary Consular Kreuzau, Germany Erzherzog Jürgen Paul Otto
Honourary Consular Northumberland, England Sir George Chambers, GCNF
Honourary Consular Arizona, United States Richard de Brassier, 5th Baron of Bayeux
Honourary Consular Ontario, Dominion of Canada Laura Duchesne, 1st Baroness of Roustad
Vice-Consular Pest County, Hungary Sir Vitéz László Gábor, GCAK

External Links

Vienna Convention on Consular Relations

Suggested Reading Materials

  • Denza, E. (2016). Diplomatic law: commentary on the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations. Oxford University Press.