House of Nobility

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House of Nobility of the Principality of the Northern Forests
Coat of Arms of the Government of the Principality of the Northern Forests
Term limits
Hereditary 2 Years
Founded01 January 2020
Leader of the House of Nobility
Position Vacant Until 2023
Length of term
2 Years at the Princess's Pleasure
AuthorityAt the Princess's Pleasure
SalaryNo annual salary
Vores Liv for Vores Mennesker
English: Our Life for Our People
Meeting place
Any Suitable Place in the Principality

The House of Nobility is the only chamber of the Parliament of the Principality of the Northern Forests. Membership is through hereditary means or granted by appointment. It meets twice a year to discuss matters of State. Members of the House of House of Nobility decide who will be the Leader of the House of Nobility. The membership of the House of Nobility is drawn from the peerage.


The House of Nobility sometimes, though rarely, drafts bills, discusses constitutional amendments, laws, regulations, courts and all other matters in the Principality. It primary purpose is to act as a senior advisory body to the Princely Family. The Princess will regularly send legislation for review and suggestions. The Princess's Speech is delivered in the House of Nobility during the State Opening of Parliament (starting in 2023).


Generally, the House of Nobility meets right before Yuletide and Midsummer celebrations, but can only convene by Royal Proclamation. There is typically no need for the House of Nobility to convene since the Principality is a safe, comfortable place to live and any issues that require attention are immediately dealt with by the Royal Family. However, the Princess can and does delegate things to her Peerage and may delegate matters to the House of Nobility to deal with. All seats must be filled in order for the House of Nobility to convene.

Prohibited Discussions

There are a few areas of law that the House of Nobility is prohibited from discussing, such as Royal Decrees, Letters Patent, Royal Prerogative, and Royal Warrants. This area is beyond their scope and purpose and could serve as just cause for banishment from the Principality for violations. Attempting to circumvent any of these could also be grounds for treason and forcible permanent removal from the Principality.


Even though there are clear rank distinctions in the Nobility of the Principality, irrespective of rank, each member of the House of Nobility only has one vote on matters. Thus, whether the person is a Baroness or a Duchess, they only get one respective vote on regarding a topic of discussion. Interestingly, not all Nobility in the Principality is entitled to sit in the House of Nobility. Those selected to this chamber are appointed by the Princess as either hereditary or termed. Hereditary means the person's offspring will inherit the position in the House of Nobility, termed means that they sit for 2 years at the Princess's pleasure. Current seats are numbered at 10 (Nine plus the leader of the House), but there is no actual limit.

Current Seats

By Summer 2023 there will be a full House of Nobility and all the members will have been selected.