Manorial Court

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Manorial Court
JurisdictionManorial Lordships
LocationManorial Lordships
MottoJustice Served
Composition methodLady/Lord of the Manor
Authorized byPrincess of the Northern Forests
Appeals toNorthern Appellate Court
Appeals fromNone
Judge term lengthFor the Life of the Manorial Lady/Lord
Number of positions10

The Manorial Courts are the lowest courts of law in Principality of the Northern Forests. They have civil and criminal jurisdiction limited both in subject matter and geography. They deal with matters over which the Lady/Lord of the Manor has jurisdiction, primarily torts, local contracts and land tenure, and their powers only extended to those who lived within the lands of the Manor: the demesne and such lands as the Lord is enfeoffed to others, and to those who held land therein. In the Principality of the Northern Forests, there is a Manorial Lordship for every 5 households and the Lady/Lord of the Manor will hear cases pertaining to only those households. Each Manor has its own Manorial Rolls that record each instance that the court convenes.