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Principality of the Northern Forests
Ministry of Immigration
Ministeriet for Indvandring
Ministry Coat of Arms.png
Coat of Arms of the Government of the Principality of the Northern Forests
Agency overview
Formed16 March 2020
JurisdictionPrincipality of the Northern Forests
MottoHere We Welcome others into the Forests
Minister responsible
  • Minister of Immigration, Vacant Position

The Ministry of Immigration is an agency of the Principality of the Northern Forests that administers the country's naturalization and immigration system and processes and adjudicates various immigration matters, including applications for asylum, and citizenship. Additionally, the Ministry is officially tasked with safeguarding national security, eliminating immigration case backlogs, and improving efficiency.

A recent Certificate of Citizenship issued to a subject of the Principality.
Certificate issued to the Principality's First Non-Resident Citizen in April 2020


The Principality of the Northern Forests does not just let anyone become a citizen like many other micronations do. You must fill out an application for citizenship and meet strict criteria. You must either be dedicated to living in the Principality full-time or advocate for the Principality in a significant manner by representing the Principality from where you currently reside. Eventually, in the very near future, the Principality will feature a fully functional 14th Century Village which will include a Blacksmith, Carpenter, various small 12x20 homes, and a small Farmer's Market at various time at our Borders with the state Highway in the summers. Highly desirable skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Sewing, dress making, weaving, loom work
  • Organic Farming;
  • Harvesting by hand (wheat)
  • Raising Farm Animals (chickens, Goats, Bovines, Horses)
  • Stone Masonry;
  • Wood Working;
  • Making furniture from wood and stone;
  • Basic Engineering;
  • Electrician Skills;
  • Blacksmiths;
  • Canning; pickling; and food preservation
  • Working with medieval tools

Eventually in the coming years there will be 14th century Medieval Faires and Markets open to the Public in the Summer that you can showcase and sell your handy work to.

Non-Resident Citizenship

This means you do not live full or part time in the Principality of the Northern Forests, but you take substantial steps in representing, advocating, and doing good humanitarian deeds for, and in the name of, the Principality of the Northern Forests. The application process is much easier and streamlined since you will not be living in the Principality. Non-Resident Citizenship does not require you to sign any Agreements and Waivers, but you must take an Oath of Allegiance. You also cannot be a Citizenship of any other country besides your birth country or where you live now. This includes any "Citizenships" to any Micronations. In order to become a Citizen (subject) of the Principality of the Northern Forests you must renounce all other Micronational Citizenships you hold in an official letter of renunciation mailed to the Government of the Principality. In order to get an Application for Non-Resident Citizenship you must study (with provided materials) and take an online Exam passing with 85% and present the Certificate of Completion to the Government or Princely Family. This can be done at either one of the Facebook pages listed below.

  • NOTE: The Principality of the Northern Forests rejects the idea of “Sovereign Citizens” and does not engage in relations with role-playing entities called “Micronations” which are pretend countries that emulate Nations/States but have no intention of being an international Sovereign State. The only way We will engage in communication or diplomatic relations with a Micronation is if they have taken substantial steps towards becoming their own independent Sovereign State and have, and are, actively pursuing that goal. Our absolute obtainable goal is to become a legitimate self-governing State whether its completely independent, autonomous or a Sub-National system (e.g. like Reservations in the U.S., Wales in the United Kingdom, or traditional Kingdoms in Africa). Becoming a Citizen of other Mirconations will make your Citizenship in the Principality of the Northern Forests immediately null and void as stipulated in the Principality Civil Code Chapter 1 Section 1.01.010. Some Dual Citizenships to Macro and Micronations are allowed on a case by case basis.

Agreements and Waivers

See: Contracts and Waivers

The Princely Family has consulted with Attorneys to draft legally binding waivers and declarations for any person who comes to live in the Principality which will be enforceable under the law of the State of Alaska and the United States. The Principality is composed of private land and is in a relatively remote location far from hospitals, pharmacies and clinics. For example, one required legal agreement is a Hold Harmless Agreement. This is a legal agreement that states that one party will not hold another party liable for risk, such as physical risk or damage and even death. A Release of Liability (Waiver) is a legal document which prohibits one party from suing another in the event of an accident, injury or even death resulting from any activities in the Principality. So the Principality nor the Princely Family can be held accountable if you end up dying from an accident whilst in the Principality and it prohibits any actionable lawsuits by your family as well. Another significant agreement is the Immersion Agreement. Please see Contracts and Waivers for more information.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigrants in the Principality of the Northern Forests include those who have:

  • Entered the Principality without authority
  • Entered with false documents
  • Overstayed their visas
  • Entered without proper documents

Those who illegally enter the Principality of the Northern Forests will be, under common law powers, arrested, detained, and departed back to the United States and handed over to law enforcement for possible criminal charges. People wishing to visit the Principality must contact the Government and schedule an appointment to venture Our lands or you will be considered to have entered illegally and without authority.


There are, unfortunately, fees associated with being granted Citizenship wither its living part or full time in the principality or its being a Non-Resident Citizen. The schedule of fees is small and is used to cover the cost of supplies in issuing Citizenship Packets to people who have been granted Citizenship at any level. Fees are included in the Citizenship Application materials after you have passed the Citizenship examination.


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