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Northerners from
the Principality of the Northern Forests
Total population
50 (2020)
Regions with significant populations
Principality of the Northern Forests Principality of the Northern Forests50
Danish, English
Norse Paganism
Related ethnic groups
Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Finns, Greenlander, Faroese

Northerners are those people who inhabit the Principality of the Northern Forests near the Arctic Circle of North America and/or hold citizenship of the Principality, but live in other parts of the world. Northerners regard themselves as a Nationality and are descendants from the various Scandinavian Kingdoms and Anglo-Saxon peoples. They are heavily loyal to their Princely Family and the system of Monarchy. Although nationals and citizens make up the majority of Northerners, many dual citizens may also claim Northerner nationality. The Principality of the Northern Forests is quite homogenous, but Northern culture and law does not equate nationality with race or ethnicity, but with citizenship and permanent allegiance.


Northernness (Nordboerehed) is the concept on which contemporary Northerner national and ethnic identity is based. It is a set of values formed through the historic trajectory of the formation of the Scandinavian Kingdoms. The ideology of Nordboerehed emphasizes the notion of historical connection between the population and the territory of the Northern Forests and the relation between the Northern Monarchy, the 19th-century national romantic idea of "the people" (folk), a view of Northerner society as homogeneous and socially egalitarian as well as strong cultural ties to other Northerner nations such as the Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Norway and the Kingdom of Sweden.


The Northerner diaspora consists of emigrants and their descendants, especially those who maintain some of the customs of their Northern Cultures respectively.

Principality of the Northern Forests

The Principality of the Northern Forests is a 14th century cooperative style living environment ruled over by an absolute Monarchy with Princess Cedrus I of the Northern Forests as the reining Monarch. It is located near the Arctic Circle in North America deep in the Northern Forests. It is secluded and far away from the Modern world where people of like mind can live free from the violence and horrendous nature of the modern world.

LGBT Opinions

Social equality, including sexual equality, is extremely high in the Principality of the Northern Forests. Northerners are absolutely tolerant towards sexual minorities. Public displays of affection between gay partners do not provoke disapproval like in other countries. As such, The Northern Village is a great place for LGBT medievalist to visit in the Summer. All same-sex couples have all the same rights as heterosexual couples.

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