Prince Zackery of Amabilis

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Prince Zackery of Amabilis
Prince of Amabilis
Period2020 to Present
PredecessorNew Creation
SuccessorFirst Born Child
Born14 December 20004
Princely HouseHouse of Cedrus
ReligionNorse Pagansim
OccupationPrince of Amabilis

Prince Zackery of Amabilis (2004-Present) is the only son of the Princess of the Northern Forests. He is a member of the Princely Family of the Northern Forests and resides in the Duchy of Topaz as of 2020. The motto of the Principality is Vi går mellem træerne som et folk (We Walk Among the Trees as one people). He is the Heir Apparent of the Principality and will inherit the throne upon the death of the Princess. The title of Prince of Amabilis is the title of the Crown Prince and Heir Apparent of the Principality. If the Heir Apparent was a girl the title would be Princess of Amabilis.


The Coat of Arms used by the Heir Apparent using Principality unique Cadency Marks.
Styles of
Prince Zackery of Amabilis
Prince of Amabilis Monogram Transparent.png
Reference styleHis Royal Highness
Spoken styleYour Royal Highness
Alternative styleMy Prince

Prince Zackery of Amabilis was born on 14 December 2004. The first part of his life was spent in far away from any large cities and surrounded by mountains, forests and countless water bodies. He has explored and traveled to most parts of the Pacific Northwest from the San Juan Islands, beaches on the pacific ocean to the mighty Cascade Mountains stretching from the Canadian to Mexican border. He he has been receiving private instruction since 2016 which continues to present day. He has also planted many trees following in the tradition of the Princess of the Northern Forests

He enjoys spending a great deal of time by himself and left to his own thoughts. He currently has no political or musical aspirations at this time. He has been learning military leadership and tactics since he was 10 years of age on his 14th birthday in 2018, in the ancient traditions of Chivalry, he became a Squire to an Eastern European Order of Knighthood and is learning horsemanship, archery, military tactics, leadership and swordsmanship in order to eventually become a Knight on his 18th birthday. As of 2020 he is a Squire of the Royal Order of the Crown of the Northern Forests.

Principality of the Northern Forests

The Principality of the Northern Forests is a permanent social and political experiment. It was founded to have a safe place to live in a semi-medieval manner using as little modern conveniences as possible and to avoid living around all the crime and violence that has festered in the modern republican world. The Principality of the Northern Forests was founded along the lines of the declarative theory of statehood, meaning that if the state exists then it is a sovereign subject of international law.


Prince Zackery of Amabilis has never married and had no children.

Titles and Styles

  • 01 January 2020: His Royal Highness The Prince of Amabilis

Honours and Awards