Princess's Court

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Princess's Court
JurisdictionPrincipality of the Northern Forests
LocationThe Northern Village, Duchy of Thuja
MottoHer Beskytter Vi Vores Emner Med Retfærdighed
English: Here We Protect Our Subjects With Justice
Composition methodAppointment by the Princess of the Northern Forests or the Grand Duchess of Deodara
Authorized byPrincess of the Northern Forests
Appeals toNone - It's a Court of Last Resort save the appeal to the Royal Family
Appeals fromManorial Court
Northern Appellate Court
Judge term lengthAt the Princess's Pleasure
Number of positions2
Law Lord
CurrentlyVacant Position

The Princess's Court has unlimited jurisdiction with regard to civil and criminal legal cases. The Princess's Court is "superior" in relation to a court with limited jurisdiction such as the Manorial Courts, which is restricted to civil cases involving monetary amounts with a specific limit, or criminal cases involving offenses of a less serious nature. The Princess's Court may hear appeals from lower courts. The only appeal from a Princess's Court is directly to a member of the Royal Family of the Principality whom, rarely, ever hears appeals. Being that the Principality of the Northern Forests is a relatively small country, there is only one Princess's Court in the entire country. The court only assembles when a serious crime has been committed or to hear an appeal from the Manorial or Appellate Court. The Princess's Court has the jurisdiction to handle all serious Penal Code violations, immigration matters, and all other criminal issues in the Principality should it deem it necessary to do such. The court; however, usually respects the jurisdiction of the lower courts.

Princess's Court Authority

The Princess's Court gets its authority directly from the Princess of the Northern Forests and the Constitution of 2020. It quite literally dispenses justice in the Princess's name. The Princess may intervene in any court proceeding at any point at her pleasure, but that rarely ever transpires. The Princess's Court only has jurisdiction in the Principality of the Northern Forest and all outposts. Those convicted may loose their citizenship, have their property seized, and be banished from the principality or be turned over to law enforcement from the country surrounding the Principality's borders.

Princess's Court Judges

The Judges who reside on the Princess's Court are selected from the Nobility of the Principality. Any member of the Nobility can be selected whether its from a peerage, life title or even an honourary title. Typically the Judge will have some type of criminal justice training such as an Associate or Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice or Criminology. Certificates as a Criminal Justice specialist also suffice the requirement.

Jury Trials

There are currently no Jury trials in the Principality of the Northern Forests due to its small size and resources. When the population reach a certain point then Jury Trials for all criminal matters will be instituted and the defendant will be given a Principality Criminal Law Paralegal to represent them. Those accused of violating the Principality Penal Code have an absolute right to be adequately defended against the accusations.