Roll of Heraldic Arms

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The Princess's Roll of Heraldic Arms
The Book Cover of the Princess's Roll of Heraldic Arms in its first volume.

This is the Official Roll of Heraldic Arms of the Principality of the Northern Forests. Its purpose is to catalog the Coat of Arms used by subjects of the Principality. In order to have your Armorial Bearings added to the these Rolls, you must be armigrous and be any level citizen of the Principality or have some type of significant connection with the Principality of the Northern Forests and/or the Royal Family in some meaningful way. Registration is free and a Certificate of Registration is available for a small fee. Any assumed Coat of Arms must be reviewed by the Principality's State Herald so he can review them and make sure they adhere to the established rules of Heraldry. Please visit the Prince of Arms of the Northern Forests Wiki Page for more information about Heraldry.

Any States with Diplomatic Relations with the Principality can petition the Princess to have their respective Arms published here. Those arms must meet the quality standard of the Principality and adhere to the rules of heraldry. Only the country's Coat of Arms and that of their rulers can be placed here. Citizens of those countries are not allowed. Registration certificates are available for you or your country's Coat of Arms for a small nominal fee. Once there are 100 fully registered Arms they will be compiled into a Book which will be able to be purchased online.