The Northern Village

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The Northern Village

Den Nordlige Landsby
Medieval Village
The Village
We Live As One People
CountryPrincipality of the Northern Forests
Grand DuchyGrand Duchy of Deodara
Founded01 January 2020
Founded byHRH Princess Cedrus of the Northern Forests
 • TypeMonarchy
 • RulerLord of the Manor of the Northern Village
 • Total50

The Northern Village is a pre-14th century Medieval Sojourn, in the Northern Forests of North America and is the only active settlement of the Principality of the Northern Forests. It is a re-creation of pre-14th century life from the British Isles and Scandinavia. The village has 50 full-time inhabitants that live a medieval lifestyle. It was not created for educational purposes, for tourism, or for medieval re-enactors. It was created as a full-time living environment that closely matches the terrain, weather and environmental factors of Northern Scotland and southern Norway & Sweden.


Buildings are created using mostly medieval tools and methods and resemble wattle and daub buildings. The houses are no larger than 12x20 foot buildings and are essentially cottager’s cottages. Workshops will include a Blacksmith, Woodcutter, Flour Mill, Charcoal Maker, Fishery, Bake house, Carpenter, Tailor & Cobbler, and a Masonry expert. There may be 1-2 professions in one building. Manorial Buildings will include a community well, Tithe Barn, Granary, Warehouse, and in the distant future a Market, Tavern, Inn, and Great Hall. The Inn and Market will be used when and if Renaissance Fares come to the area during the summers.